Picture of Lorono climbing the Aubisque

History of the Bidon

The bidon, a humble yet iconic accessory in the world of cycling, carries a rich history that mirrors the evolution of the sport itself. From its early inception to its...

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Handmade Bicycles - FICI

Handmade Bicycles

At FICI, we are driven by our love for craftsmanship and passion for creating unique, handmade bicycles. We believe in the beauty of imperfection and take pride in crafting each...

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Ride Your Senses - FICI

Ride Your Senses

In the realm of cycling, every turn of the wheel, every breath of fresh air, and every scenic view is an opportunity to connect deeply with the world around us....

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The X of FICI - FICI

The X of FICI

Explore the excitement in "The X of Fici," a comic that takes you on an amazing cycling adventure.  

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