Tune into the sense of smell - Experience Vélo Verdure

In the heart of the countryside, as the first light of dawn breaks the horizon, a group of cycling enthusiasts embarks on their cherished morning ritual. The air is crisp, the world is quiet, and the only sound is the gentle whir of bicycle chains and the soft crunch of tires against the gravel path. This is the moment that Fici's new room fragrance, "Vélo Verdure" seeks to encapsulate—a scent that is as invigorating and free-spirited as the cyclists who rise with the sun to greet the day.

"Vélo Verdure" is not just a fragrance; it's a journey. It begins with the fresh, green notes that mirror the lush fields and rolling hills that unfold along the cyclists' route. The galbanum resinoid is the embodiment of the raw, green energy of nature, awakening the senses and setting the stage for the adventure ahead.

As the riders weave through the awakening landscape, the fragrance evolves, introducing the succulent sweetness of fig, reminiscent of the wild fruits that dot the countryside. This is paired with the earthy essence of geosmin—the scent of the damp earth after a night's rain, grounding and comforting.

The heart of the journey is marked by the aromatic rosemary oil, a herb that grows wild by the roadside, its scent sharpening the mind and clearing the way for focus and determination. Juniper berry oil follows, a nod to the ancient trees that watch over the cyclists, their berries crushed beneath the wheels, releasing a crisp, vibrant aroma that invigorates the soul.

As the ride continues, the deeper notes of guaiac wood oil, cedarwood oil virginia, and sandalwood emerge, a complex foundation that speaks to the resilience and strength of the riders. These woody notes are the silent companions to the cyclists, steady and unwavering, much like the trees that line their path.

Finally, the fragrance is crowned with the mystical olibanum oil, a scent that carries with it the history and spirit of the land. It is the breath of tradition, the whisper of past rides and the promise of those yet to come, connecting the cyclists not just to the road they travel but to the very essence of their passion for the ride.

"Vélo Verdure" is more than a room fragrance; it's a narrative. It's the story of every early morning ride, of the bond between cyclist and nature, of the freedom found in the simple turn of the pedals. It's a tribute to the offroad rides in the morning, to the spirit of adventure, and to the memories that linger long after the bicycles are stowed away. With "Vélo Verdure", Fici invites cycling enthusiasts to bring the essence of their passion into their homes, to relive the joy of the ride with every breath.